Find your Millennial-LOHAS

Find your Millennial-LOHAS

Find your Millennial-LOHAS

Millennials are a travel group you cannot ignore. It’s one of the fastest growing groups, which is in the US already responsible for every third travel. They are expected to spend 1.4 trillion US-Dollar by 2020 for traveling. They should be high on every sustainable destinations target list – especially those Millennials who can be assigned to the LOHAS group.

Reach out to the LOHAS-Millenials

To reach out to this group it is important to know how this people gather information and how they should be approached. Because it is hardly possible to reach those travelers with classical marketing.

Millennials are born in 80s ands 90s of the last century. This is the first generation that grew up with computer, internet, smartphones, in short: connected. They are used to look for information online, often with their smartphone. They use social media first and rely a lot of experiences others have made and shared online.

Millennials are highly influenced by social media

Two out of three are influenced by Facebook and Instagram when making travel decisions. Those are the places where seven out of ten share their travel experiences, where they get a lot of likes. Also friends and family have a big influence in their decision making when looking for a travel destination.

Additionally this group is more eager to travel abroad than any other generation before. They look especially for unique and memorable experiences. Almost two out of three Millennials book flights or accommodation with their smartphone. Millennials travel more for work than others and two out of three try to prolong their business trip and add some private vacation. Good to know: They are open to loyalty programs.

How can a destination reach out to LOHAS-Millenials?

Here are a few tips that might be helpful:

• Use social media for the marketing, mainly Facebook and Instagram.
• Focus on mobile optimized adverts, which also means use not too much text but pictures and videos. Pictures say more than words and videos are even better. Keep in mind that in Facebook 500 million videos are watched every day, 85% of them without sound on.
• Those ads have to be catchy as this generation is well familiar with ads.
• Tell a story.
• Have the information fast loading. If it takes too long, Millennials surf to the next place.
• Make it easy to book, preferably with just one click.
• Have free wifi spaces at the destination. That makes it more attractive for Millenials.

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